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Membership on the Round Table is free and offered to anyone who wishes to become a part of a supportive online writer’s community.  Members can submit samples of their writing (short stories, novel excerpts, essay, memoir, poetry) to be read and (if desired) reviewed by the Transformative-Writing community.  All writing samples and comments submitted to the site will be reviewed by the Site Administrator for offensive or inappropriate content.

Sign up for membership.  (Once you choose your user name, you won’t be able to change it so choose something you like) You’ll receive an email with a link which you have to click on to confirm your registration.  After that, you’ll receive a “Welcome” email.

Once you become a member, visit your Profile page. Fill in your Bio.  How much information you put in is entirely up to you. We encourage you to post your writing on the Round Table forum and contribute to the discussion of other members' writing.  Please read the 'Fundamentals of Constructive Critique' page before commenting on a member's post.  I use these simple guidelines in my writing workshops to ensure that all commentary is offered in the most respectful spirit of creative collaboration.

To create your Member profile, you can upload a picture of yourself or choose a literary avatar from our Image Gallery.  To select a literary alter-ego Click on the drop down Menu on the Member’s Profile page and select “Update Your Image.” Use your profile to inform other authors in our writing circle who you are and also to learn who else is in the circle.  Keep your profile updated!  In the near future we will have a "wall" here where you will be able to carry on conversations your entire circle may participate in.

(Note: Members who do not comply with basic standards of courtesy may be banned from the site.  An offensive comment may be reported to the site moderator by clicking on that member’s profile, selecting the Moderation tab in the Menu and making a user report.)

Login to access The Round Table. This is where you can post writing for member review.  Once posted, you can return to your piece to make changes. The link to the Round Table will show up once you have logged in. Click on the link to view a list of list of articles available to read and comment on. There will also be a table of contents link to the right.  Click on "Submit an Article" in The Round table menu to submit your work. Other members will be able and are encouraged to comment on postings. Check back often.

Members may be invited by the moderator to have work posted on the public site under the Members Anthology.

Come back often. And keep your eye on the Workshop link.  A diverse offering of workshops & events will be posted.  Some of these events are site specific but there will also be a selection of really great online writing workshops as well.